Somaliland: UN Ought to Acknowledge Sovereignty


By: M. A Egge

The conclusive phrase, “Things are getting weird”, comprehensively sums up the innercitypress bulletins on SL from the UN headquarters.

True to the weight carried by the wordings of the clause, yes, it is indeed a fact that there is more than meets the eyes as concerns SL/UN relations. Something has gone seriously wrong somewhere, and to put issues straight, we herein underpin the fact that the UN (elements in it or its whole entirely notwithstanding) are directly infringing upon the rights of SL, her people and her territorial integrity by, again offending our nationhood and rights for self-determination.

We support, in the strongest terms possible, the government’s decision to refuse UNISOM’s operative capabilities in Somaliland.

To be frank, the THT believes that initially, Mr. Nicholas Kay should have been not allowed to enter the country in the first place.

This is credited by the fact that we were all aware of his proposed and assigned mandate.

Members of the public should have been briefed fully in advanced such that they should have better grasped with the new scenario well termed “weird” by the innercitypress.

Upon its inception, the UNSC were informed by not less than the SG Ban ki Moon himself that the Mahiga mission -read UNPOS- was successfully well concluded.

The SG thus, by the strength of the “success” wished the establishment of UNSOM with clearly new defined mandates.

A good example is that of using all militaries possibly drawn from anywhere -including the use of even such infamous private services securities like the Blackwater to achieve its main strategic mission.

What is this strategy anyway?

According to Ban Ki Moon himself an authority that mandates the “—maximize UN effectiveness, efficiency, impact—“

We ironically saw the impact when it capped the “success” of Mahiga’s UNPOS when in his last official function attended the naming of the Canadian ambassador to Somalia; from the same place where on the same day the UN “decided” to dish out Somaliland’s airspace to the Mogadishu government.

When the situation is weird enough as to see the UN itself stirring votility in an area that is starting another new lease of life, then we as Somalilanders should know better and call ourselves back to order.

If the new stance of SL’s foreign policy of stepping up dialogue sent a wrong signal, then the UN and the international community should know better and rest assured that SL and her people are a defacto state here to stay- something well enshrined in our constitution.

As we fully support the government’s stand, blended well by those of the local NGOs, we call upon the country at large to know what is in the footing and weird.

As far innercitypress’s M.R.Lee intonation of a Freudian-slipping ambassador Nicholas Cages cage, there is no use whether we should or shouldn’t expect an Amb. Sahnoun in Nicolas Kay, given his pledge prior to the visit vis a vis how he bolted out of Hargeisa.

After all we have to step up our fight to freedom.