Somaliland: UMADDA Party Press Release


The following are excerpts from a press release issued by the office of communications of UMADDA Party.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun):- “First of all we would like to thank our workers and supporters across the country who have shown their enthusiasm and numbers during the third stage of the campaign for the local councils scheduled for Wednesday, November 28th, 2012”

” For a long time members and supporters of the administration of President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmud “Silanyo” and his party Kulmiye have accused UMADDA Party of being based solely on one community. In particular Kulmiye chair Muse Bihi took great delight in deriding UMADDA’s supporters. However, the recent local council election rallies have shown that UMADDA has strong base of supporters from Lowya’ado to Dhahar, and they are all Somalilanders from every community”.

“UMADDA Party is an inclusive political organisation, unlike Kulmiye which clearly exclusive”.

“UMADDA Party welcomes debate and foster’s its members opinion, unlike Kulmiye, which tolerates neither debates nor any individual thinking”.

“On Monday, November 12th, 2012, the Somaliland media was rife with false rumours of the resignation of deputy-chair of UMADDA, Eng. Abdirashid, so it must have come as a surprise to those at UMADDA rallies in Burao to see the same deputy-chair campaigning for his candidates”.

“Irrespective of any and all efforts by the administration and Kulmiye to try and hinder UMADDA Party in its campaign for the local elections, the party remains united and determined to showcase its platform for the voters of Somaliland”.

“Administrating the country and running a political campaign are two different things. Unlike all the other Somaliland political organisations, Kulmiye remains the fiefdom of one single individual and his acolytes. Using the nation’s assets to further the party’s fortunes in never a good thing”.

“On Wednesday, November 28th, 2012, the people of Somaliland will make their choice, and we are confident that UMADDA Party will emerge as one of the three parties able to contest future presidential and parliamentary elections”.

“In conclusion, UMADDA Party would like thank its supporters across Somaliland, and in particular those supporters from Erigavo, Badhan, Dhahar, Las Anod, Odweine, Sheikh, Berbera, Salahle, Togwajale, Dilla, Zeila, Baki, Low’adde and all the towns and villages who had participated in this week’s campaign”.


Office of Communications


Faisal Farfidiye