Somaliland: UMADDA Party Kicks off 3rd Phase of Election Campaigns in Style


UMADDA supporters at a rally in BuraoBy: Yumoha Pasha

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Dr Gaboose’s castigation of the proposed National Intelligence Service has impacted positively on UMADDA party.

The third phase of local council elections were kicked off by UMADDA party which showed a marked improvement in logistics and increase in supporter’s numbers nationwide.

The party’s grand showing nationwide in today’s election campaigns are attributed to recent attacks by the UMADDA leader Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose on the proposed National Intelligence Service-NIS which is pending Presidential signature having passed the approval of the two chambers of parliament.

During speeches delivered at all rallies nationwide UMADDA party leaders and local council candidates told supporters that once elected they will ensure that the law establishing the NIS is completely repelled or at the least have clauses in contention removed.

Dr Gaboose who is arguably one of the top psychiatrists in all Somali speaking areas if not in Africa launched his scathing attacks on the NIS during a function commemorating the national Press Freedom day at a Hargeisa hotel where he was the only politician in attendance after others refused to acknowledge invitations from the Somaliland Journalists association-SOLJA

Said he, the government of President Silanyo is set on taking the liberties of Somalilanders away for reasons not yet known. These liberties which came the hard way, througDr Gabose launches scathing attacks on NIS at press freedom functionh the barrel of the gun, deaths, maiming and destructions of livelihoods and property are under threat from the proposed National Intelligence Service-NIS.

The psychiatrist turned politician informed that the proposed NIS has similar characteristics and powers to the hated National Security Service-NSS of the Siyad Barre Era.

“The law creating this monstrous body has already been passed by our two rubber stamp houses of parliament and only await presidential signature to make it legally effective”

According to Dr Mohamed Gaboose the combative and immediate former interior minister in president Silanyo’s administration the contentious clause which should be removed from the NIS law are those that give the following rights.

1. The NIS has powers over media houses, powers to search, confisticate journalism tools and arrest reporters without a warrant.

2. The NIS law obligates journalists to inform the NIS where, when and why they are collecting information at all times.

3. Communication companies are obligated to cooperate with the NIS when they need to tap your phone and listen to private conversations.

4. Each and every citizen must provide information to NIS and on refusal the intelligence body has the authority to put such a citizen in indefinite confinement at a place yet to be disclosed.

While concurring that the establishment of NIS is appropriate and necessary the UMADDA party leader and his supporters claim that parliament passed the law as in blindfolded thus the president need to return it to the legislators before signature.

The Gaboose debate on the NIS has received support from other politicians like UCID’s Feisal Ali Warabe and Ismail Yare of Dalsan while the Deputy Information minister is in a press conference in support.

UMADDA is among the seven political groups that are contesting local council elections slated for 28th November 2013 when the three official national political parties shall be known.

Other parties contesting the elections are the ruling Kulmiye, UCID, Haqsoor, Dalsan, Rays and Wadani.

Though the UMADDA party buoyed by the increasing support among the populace it also entered the third phase of campaigns with the resignation of the 3rd deputy chair Prof Ahmed Mohamed Nuur who is reported to have decamped after persuasion by clan elders aligned to the ruling party.