Somaliland: UMADDA Party Confident of Success


Flanked by Candidate Mustafa (L) Dr Gaboose says his UMADDA party will prevailBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – UMADDA, a newly registered political group says it is confident of success in forthcoming local council elections.

This confidence was displayed during a ceremony to unveil a city municipality candidate on an UMADDA party ticket. The ceremony which was held at Shiraqle Hotel in the east of Hargeisa saw Eng. Mustafa Osman Dirir become the first person to declare his candidacy for local council elections on an UMADDA party ticket.

The unveiling of Eng. Mustafa’s candidacy was witnessed by party leader Dr Mohamed Abdi Gaboose, Deputy Leader Abdirashid M Muse, Traditional and religious leaders and party faithful’s.

Candidate Mustafa Osman Dirir who was accompanied to the ceremony by thousands of his supporters is a long time former employee of the Hargeisa municipality that he now wants to serve as an elected Councillor. He informed the UMADDA party leader and his supporters that his lengthily service with the city municipality has endowed him with an insight on the needs of residents.

The UMADDA party leader Dr Gaboose who welcomed the candidacy of Eng. Mustafa on an UMADDA ticket said that his party is confident of success in forthcoming local council elections due to the caliber of candidates it is attracting.

Dr Gaboose revealed that the UMADDA party did not select the city Engineer but the supporters of the engineer selected the party, Said he, “Our policy at UMADDA is to let the people choose their leaders of choice”

The party’s deputy leader Eng. Abdirashid Mohamed Muse told the thousands of the candidate’s supporters that UMADDA party will give their leader of choice all the necessary assistance in his quest for election as a Councillor of the Hargeisa municipal council.

UMADDA party which is one of the newly registered and approved six political groups that together with the 3 national parties of UDUB, UCID and Kulmiye will contest local forthcoming local council elections whose due date is yet to be fixed by the national election commission.

The Dr Gaboose led party hopes to win substantial seats at local councils nationwide in order to become one of the three national parties to be registered after the council elections.

According to stipulates of the country’s constitution only three national political parties can be registered at any one given time. The three national parties are usual selected from the three leading in local council elections.