Somaliland: U’kuse Streamlines Ministry in Unprecedented Decision


Minister Ukuse

By M.A. Egge

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Heritage has announced the implementation of an unprecedented wide ranging proposal presented to him that will go a long way in boosting staff morale hence uplift standards of productizes in the sector.

This is the first time a cabinet minister in the country takes to such a move to streamline his administration in a landmark decision seen by the staff as brave and sincere.

Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse was cheered by the ministry’s staff who attended the large gathering at their headquarters yesterday (Wednesday) morning for the decision whose action would see for the first time ever fair remunerations for the staff; and by thus uplift diligence, instill discipline and at the same time motivate the workers to a better and newer height.

The decision, which is based on a report by a task force committee formed by the minister last year, was to delve into the pros and cons of production within the ministry and formulate on ways and means of addressing them.

It was led by the DG. Mr. Adirashid Jibril Yusuf and consisted of DMG chief Mr. Mohammed Osman Mire, SLNTV manager Mr. Khadar Ali Gaas, the Radio director Said Egge.

Hon. U’kuse revealed in a caution that, “From now henceforth, performances would be monitored and evaluated”.

He said that future promotions and associated fridge benefits would be based on individual performance.

The minister likewise announced the re-constitution of the media ethics committee to be made up of sectional heads. Beforehand, it only consisted of heads of departments.

He elaborated that the topmost officials would now be involved more with the evaluations of standards and performances of the staff.

Before the report was adopted, the minister availed it to the ministry’s sectional heads who then unanimously endorsed it. It is after this process that he committed himself hence was convictional thence said, “I and my deputy have now adopted your report and your endorsement”.

Some State Journalists brainstorm developments outside the ministry of information Hargeisa after the meeting with unprecedented decisions /foto by somalilandsun

The minister who was flanked by the DG and SLNTV boss amongst other senior officials was hugely praised by the workers who saw and hailed the move as a brave and positive one and in the right direction.

He likewise revealed that retirement cases, orphans issues and associated workers’ employment terminations etc would be forwarded to the civil service commission for further directives.

The minister on the other hand urged the journalists to be diligent and stick to etiquettes expected of them. He said that he expected the department of information to rightly reflect SL image as deserved.

He noted, for instance, that the composition of the Somalia team in the Turkey talks did not concern SL in the remotest sense hence this country was only adhering to its international commitments.