Somaliland: UK Lauds Airspace Management Agreement


The Government of the UK welcomes the airspace Management agreement reached by Somaliland and Somalia in Ankara-Amb Wigan

By: Yusuf M HasanAmb Neil Wigan

Somalilandsun – The UK Government has welcomed the agreement reached between Somaliland and Somalia on the joint-technical committee responsible for administering both nations airspace terming it “A constructive approach that helps everyone.”

This is according to a tweet by Kenyan based UK Ambassador to Somaliland and Somalia, Neil Wigan: “Welcome #Somaliland and #FGS airspace agreement in Ankara. A constructive approach that helps everyone..” read the tweet

The agreement signed in Turkey appoints a technical committee, comprised of officials from both sides of the table, to jointly-administer Somaliland and Somalia’s airspace after receiving full control from The United Nations. The Technical Committee will base its office in Hargeisa, Somaliland; and, are expected to have an equal revenue-sharing scheme.

Somaliland and Somalia will resume the third phase of talks in Ankara, Turkey within the next 120 days.