Somaliland: UK Judges Grant Secret Court Hearings


Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said five applications had been made by the Government for evidence to be heard in secret courts over the past year

Somalilandsun – Secret court hearings were granted by judges to the UK Government in at least three of its five attempts to secure them during the first year of controversial new laws being in place.
Ministers’ applications for closed material proceedings (CMP) – allowing evidence to be heard in private – were accepted in cases involving an IRA mole suing MI5, terror suspects alleging British complicity in their torture in Somaliland, and Iranian shipping officials who were listed as having their assets frozen due to suspected involvement in nuclear proliferation activity.
In the same period, a decision whether to grant one of the applications was made in secret, while another application – involving British terror suspects Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed and a man known only as CF – was granted publicly.
On 7 November last year, the Government was granted secret hearings in a damages claim brought by terror suspects Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed and a man known only as CF, alleging claiming Britain was complicit in their detention and torture by Somaliland authorities in 2011.
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