Somaliland: UK Delegation Expected


President Silanyo welcomes a UK team member to the Hargeisa presidency as Minister for Africa Mark Simmonds (C) looks on /archive

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somaliland sun – The ongoing dispute within the ruling party Kulmiye has attracted interests of the United Kingdom government.

Accordingly a delegation of London based government officials as well as some of its diplomats is expected in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa soon thus embark on attempts to shun off an eminent political fallout that has so far seen almost ten ministers resign.

The dispute is said to result from demands by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo that all government officials that are members of the ruling party’s central committee vote for Muse Behi as Kulmiye nominee for Somaliland presidential candidate.

Muse Behi who is favoured by the president is the party’s chairman and those that have so far shown interest in contesting the nomination as Kulmiye presidential aspirants in elections slated for March 2017 include Ex-foreign minister Mohamed Behi Younis, ex-finance minister Abdiaziz Samale and MP Ahmed Abdi Nuur ‘KIjande”

Resgined from Top Left ministers Hirsi Mohamed Behi Abdiwahid Abdirazaq Aideed and Ms Qawdan hadhwanaag Though heavyweights led by former powerful presidency minister have already resigned and subsequently replaced it is not yet clear how the Britons will manage to solve the party dispute that is surely set to deter holding of planned executive committee meeting on the 19th November 2015.

It is also surprising if it be true that the UK team is coming and for that purpose, how internal affairs of Somaliland political party are of interest to the British.

In the meantime it is hoped that the UK which has strong ties with its former protectorate of Somaliland is set to visit in relation as usual to issues related to bilateral relations as well as monitoring impact of humanitarian and development aid/support provided by London.

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