Somaliland: UK aid Benefits Women in Gabile


A large number of beneficiaries of UK aid in Gabile Somaliland are women

Somalilandsun – Gabile is a fertile city of 141,000 people situated along the arterial highway connecting Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa to the Ethiopian border. The city relies heavily on markets to service its agricultural pastoralist and merchant economy

In 2014, the municipal government of Gabiley oversaw the completion of the marketplace, with technical and financial support from the UN’s Joint Programme for Local Governance (part-funded by UK Aid). The market has provided a safe, hygienic and popular haven for vendors such as Mrs. Jama to sell everything from fabrics and cooking oil to agricultural products sourced from local farms and pastoral areas. This is per an FCO Case study titled Somaliland: UK aid Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment in Gabiley