Somaliland: UDUB Castigates PPR&VC for Hasty and Illegal Decisions


Rayale-left says waranade(R) is still UDUB nominee“The selection of party candidates is an internal issue and not the duty of the PPR&VC” Rayale Kahin

By; Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The UDUB political opposition party has reaffirmed Ali Waran’ade as its presidential candidate.

This development was revealed the party Chairman Hon Dahir Rayale Kahin during a press conference in Hargeisa where he urged the Political Parties Registration & Verification Committee to refrain from making hasty and illegal decisions.

UDUB was reacting the PPR&VC’s decision terminating the nomination of Ali Mohamed Waran’ade and Ahmed Haji Dahir, as the opposition party is presidential and vice presidential candidates.

A PPR&VC statement released on 4 September 2012, informed that the candidature of both Waran’ade and his deputy has been revoked because the party contravened Article 11 of the constitution.

As justification for its decision the PPR&VC that had alluded to the fact that the Waran’ade candidature did not emanate from the general assembly, asked the party leadership (read Rayale) to observe the laws of the country.

According to Hon Rayale Kahin the decision by PPR&VC which is not mandated with internal party candidate selection is null and void thus the two remain officially recognized UDUB presidential and vice presidential candidates.

“I am very disappointed in the PPR&VC for their decision to revoke the Waran’ade candidacy, He and his deputy remain party candidates since it is not the duty of the PPR&VC to approve or revoke party nominees” Said Rayale.

O the issue of UDUB having contravened article 11 0f the constitution, the UDUB party boss and former Somaliland president said that though the party had made some amendments to its constitution, the 15 days allowed for informing still pend.

Said he, “Before accusing UDUB of unconstitutional activities, the PPR&VC should have waited for the stipulated 15 days before making absurd decisions”

The UDUB the immediate ruling party claims that the PPR&VC decision is in line with others made by the national election Commission-NEC related to illegally eliminating the oldest party from the political field.

Last week NEC set 14 September 2012 as the deadline for the parties contesting local council elections slated for 28 November 2012. This move was perceived by many as a ploy against UDUB, which had then just held its central committee meeting that nominated Waran’ade as well as approved election strategies.

It had been thought UDUB the oldest political party in the country, would nit beat that deadline owing to the major infighting that had afflicted the party from early this year.

While debate on the demise or resurrection of UDUB ensued the party surprised, many by tabling its full list, at one go, of local council candidates for Maroodi-Jeeh (Hargeisa) region. This was contrary to the other eight contestants who have been announcing piecemeal candidates.

Once the party made the Maroodi-Jeeh candidates announcement, in came the PPR&VC with claims of revocations and accusations of constitutional contraventions that on reply from UDUB appear flimsy and groundless.

With all said and done, it is worth treating UDUB like other local council election contesting parties, especially owing to the strenuous efforts undertaken by its functionaries as pertains to resurrection following internal infighting that resulted in the party splitting into various factions. The ensuing reconciliation fronted by Rayale was very painful and costly, senior officials led by Jamal Ali defecting to UCID and the former deputy leader Ahmed Yusuf Resigning.

In the words of Rayale Kahin, “the PPR&VC should rescind its decision immediately and revert to its official duties thus treat all parties equally