Somaliland: UDUB Accuses Election Commission of Bias


UDUB's Ahmed Dahir (L) & Ali WaranadeElections will not be held in Awdal region unless UDUB participates” Ahmed Dahir

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The UDUB political party has appealed to the international community.

The appeal which made by the party’s presidential and vice presidential candidates during a press conference held in Hargeisa where they also accused the National Election Commission-NEC of being partisan.

The UDUB presidential candidate Mr. Ali Mohamed Waran’ade, who reiterated his party’s decision to withdraw from forthcoming local council elections, asked the international election donor community to intervene because of NEC’s partisan activities.

The former aviation minister in the Rayale government said his party’s decision not to participate in the 28 November local council elections was because of covert partisan activities of the election body geared towards negating the party, which is the main opposition party as a political player in the country.

The UDUB election withdrawal saga ensued after the political parties’ registration and verification committee-PPR&VC annulled the former ruling party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees respectively.

A PPR&VC statement released on 4 September 2012, informed that the nomination of both Ali Mohamed Waran’ade and Ahmed Haji Dahir, as UDUB’s designate presidential and vice presidential nominees have been revoked because the party contravened Article 11 of its own constitution.

As justification for its decision the PPR&VC that had alluded to the fact that the Waran’ade candidature did not emanate from the general assembly, asked the party leadership (read Rayale) to observe the laws of the his party and those of the country he once governed

On the ninth of this month, Mr. Waran’ade announced UDUB’s withdrawal from participation in the local council elections due to what he termed as injustices meted by the PPR&VC of which the party would institute legal proceedings at the high cum constitutional court.

Another twist to the saga ensued the same day when party leader and former president Dahir Rayale Kahin submitted a letter to president Silanyo and the election body appealing for a two weeks extension to the 14th September deadline for submitting lists of parties election candidates.

NEC duly rejected the fortnight extension request by Rayale who unfortunately is away having left the country on the same (Of request) day for France where his family lives on 11 September.

On the other, hand Mr. Ahmed Haji Dahir, UDUB’s vice president nominee threatened that the local council elections will not be held in his home region of Awdal without the p participation of his party.

The threat that is a means to entice the Election body to rescind its refusal to extend the deadline for a fortnight is yet to be reacted upon by both the government and NEC.

Meanwhile the other eight political groups contesting the elections are in earnest preparations and campaigns. The eight are Kulmiye, Dalsan, Haqsoor, Wadani, UMADDA, Rays, Nasiye and UCID

Read below excerpts of the UDUB local council elections withdrawal Statement of 9th September 2012.

“UDUB is the oldest political party in the country and as all are aware it is directly attributed with having established prevalent government as well as nurtured the country’s democratization having masterminded all past democratic elections that include local councils, Parliamentary and two presidential ones.

During its rule the party, which is internationally acclaimed for having relinquished power peaceful following defeat in the 2010 presidential elections, is also accredited with having governed through equality, justice thus fostering national unity that replaced the clannish scourge that had almost torn the nation apart.

It is therefore unfortunate that the party is today under concerted attack geared towards its destruction, by entities driven by only one result, the elimination of the party as political actor in the country. These entities are utilizing the tribal/clannish card long eliminated by UBUD thus return Somalilanders to an era that saw hatred that usually resulted in deaths to innocent people, that is clan against clan.

You Somalilanders are aware that the actions by the PPR&VC were undertaken while UDUB is engaged in compiling its list of candidates to vie for local council elections which we and you are witness that the party would have succeed despite recent internal difficulties that saw massive realignments.

These disruptive acts by the PPR&VC are nothing but a ploy to eliminate your, Citizens, confidence and support of the party after all other prior attempts by the National election commission hit a wall of your faith and loyalty thus failing miserably.

While the PPR&VC actions will not only remove UDUB from the political landscape but also ultimately impinge on the prevailing and hard won peace and security in the country, the entities behind these machinations forget that their quarry is an internationally acclaimed political operator reckoned for steadfastness to the constitution that is now trampled upon.

Dear Somalilanders the elimination of UDUB from the political landscape is a direct result of its steadfastness to the country’s constitution, citizens livelihoods and commitment to non-negotiation with the Somalia as well as persistent stand on the sovereignty and systematic quest for international recognition.

To this effect, we hereby announce to all Somaliland citizens and international election donors that UDUB political party has withdrawn its participation in local council elections until a trustworthy nonpartisan and impartial Political parties registration and verification committee is constituted.

At the same time we demand compensation due from announcement by the PPR&VC that have made the party loss public confidence in addition to time, material and funds wasted in preparation of the 28th November elections that UDUB has withdrawn from. In the meantime, the party will enter a case against the PPR&VC at the High cum constitutional court” unquote