Somaliland: UCID’s 2015 Parliamantrain Candidate Blames Attempted Assasination on M. Kahin


Siciid Udhey

Mohamoud H. Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – One of the candidates of 2015 parliamentary election of Welfare and Justice Party (UCID) Mr. Saed Abdisamad Udhey has sturdily criticized and told that he is profoudnly concerned on Saturday’s bungled assasination attempt on Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, ruling party first Deputy Chairman.

He told this in a press release issued on Monday night where he also described the incident to be defamation to the hardly gained dignity of the country.

“Somaliland has already put the gun down and takes democratization, debating instead. It is unfortunate if such incidents including assassinations attempts on politicians and the leaders of the state by gunmen in a daytime in the main cities of the country increase day after day.

“Judiciary branch, departments of the security forces, executive branch of the government and all other concerned agencies should react hastily to this awful incident which can result dreadful consequence. The culprits should be captured and face the needed order to prevent that such action to happen again in the country. We need that justice system to signal a good lesson to those even think to commit such episode.

I am also showing my gratitude to the traditional leaders of North and West of Hargeisa for their strong reaction to this incident,” Saed Udhey concluded.