Somaliland: UCID presidential aspirant accuses government of undermining aspirations


Jamal Ali president in waiting

By G.A Maher

HARGEISA: (Somalilandsun)-The party for justice and development (UCID) presidential aspirant for the 2015 general election Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein has come out strongly to accuse the government led by kulmiye party for back sliding in the Somaliland/Somalia talks that had earlier commenced, brokered by the international community.

Mr. Jamal said that Mogadishu is planning to table in her parliament a motion on severing the talks completely, which he said, will adversely affect Somaliland’s quest for independence.

The presidential aspirant criticized the President H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud’s (Silanyo) administration for not lobbying for the country’s independence and leaving the international community guessing about the intention of Somaliland.

He posed the supposition that some of the international community countries were at a loss fearing that the country’s leadership may have changed its mind in the eleventh hour to re-unite with Somalia.

Mr. Jamal accused the state having diverted from the policy of Somaliland’s sovereignty which remains un-negotiable and untouchable issue in the constitution.

He reminded the government of her responsibilities.