Somaliland: UCID Party Issues One week Irro Resignation Ultimatum


Eng Feisal Ali wants Irro to resign By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – UCID party will hold nationwide demonstrations if the speaker of parliament does not resign.

This was informed by the UCID party chairperson EngFeisal Ali Warabe during party meeting in Hargeisa where the party also unveiled its candidates to contest Hargeisa local council seats during forthcoming council elections.

Eng. Feisal Ali who leads the second opposition party in the country revealed that the speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro was in office illegal asked the president to ensure immediate resignation or UCID supporters will hit the streets in protest within a week.

The combative politician urged President Silanyo to ensure Irro resigns since he is in office contrary to a presidential directive that ordered civil servants (teachers) interested in contesting local council elections to resign with immediate effect.

While stressing on the fact that the house speaker is currently in office illegally, Eng. Warabe said that the anomaly has been occasioned by the selective application of laws prevailing within the administration.

Said he, “it is not possible to our vision of the country is nowhere near achievement, since you cannot lead a nation through a combination of partial application of law, Clannism and corruption”

According to the Engineer, the continued tenure as speaker of parliament Abdirahman Irro is a clear pointer to the selective application of law in the country that he cited as the main obstacle to the country.

At the same UCID function, some traditional leaders were accused of conducting clan affairs similar to the way Non-governmental organizations are managed. As per Eng. Feisal, this tendency is another sure way to destruction of government.

“Nowadays it seems as clans have become NGO’s with some traditional leaders announcing that, haddaannu beesha reer hebel salaadiintooda nahay -we Sultans of such and such a clan- we are going to start managing public finances and related property” said Feisal Ali who further cited this was part of the selective application of the law prevailing

The obsession with Abdirahman Irro by the UCID boss that has finally led to the one-week resignation ultimatum is a culmination of political differences that saw Irro decamp UCID and form WADANI party.

The fallout between the two former political bedfellows ensued after an internal power struggle in the UCID party earlier this year with Irro’s faction trying to unseat Feisal as party boss.

This led to a battle in court that saw the legal fraternity side with Feisal Ali and grant him control of the UCID party he founded in Finland long before the 2002 era that saw political party registration in the country.

Irro who formed the WADANI political group that is one of the nine official contestants in forthcoming local council elections won his parliamentary seat and parliament speakership on an UCID party ticket.

The countdown to the one-week Irro resignation ultimatum or massive demonstrations reads 5 days to go!