Somaliland: UCID Party Decries Lack of Action on Disbanding the National elections Commission


Somalilandsun-The people of Somaliland are concerned by the refusal by the president to effect agreements to disband the disputed national elections commission.

This was stated by a senior opposition party UCID member Ahmed Muse Abdi Abyan during an interview with SAAB TV in which he stressed on the fact that the refusal by the president to disband the disputed NEC was contrary to all agreements reached between the government, local elders and political parties.

“Following mediation by elders the president promi9sed to disband the commission by 10th January and reinstated the former one” said Mr. Abyaan adding that the date has passed and no0thingnhas been done or any information on reasons given.

After interventions by local elders following who advised the disbanding of the new NEC and replacement with the immediate past one The government had set up a team led by vice president Sayli, which told Somali landers that the issue shall be resolved in 15 days that being on the 10th January.

“Now that this date has come and passed without any action we believe that the administration of president Bihi is not serious about resolving the matter of the postponed parliamentary and local council elections thence a continued political impasse” said Mr. Abyaan

According to the opposition politician the fate of elections hangs in the air for there is no way they are going to be held if the new NEC is still in place.

Similarly the politician touched on the continued detention in police custody of his party’s secretary for internal affairs Ramaah who was arrested over a fortnight ago and is yet to be arraigned in court.