Somaliland: UCID Leader Warns Mogadishu that Agreement in Turkey will not be Honoured


By: Mohamed Osman Mire ‘Sayid’Eng Warabe laments excludsion from Talks team

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The leader of opposition party of UCID Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe is hotly contesting exclusion from the Somaliland team to negotiations with Somalia.

In an overtly treasonable interview with the Mogadishu owned Universal TV channel the UCID boss informed the Somalia government that the negotiators send by Hargeisa lacked public support thus any agreements made during forthcoming talks with the Mogadishu authorities in Turkey will not be honoured.

“I am informing Somalia that since am not a member of the team send from Hargeisa it is of low calibre thus cannot represent the country in important matters” Said Eng. Warabe

The UCID party boss who has been a member of the three earlier somaliland-Somalia talk’s team (Chevening house, Dubai & Ankara) predicated that the talks will spend the three days of talking in dinner meetings thus conclude with nought results.

“How can state affairs be conducted in my absence” wondered the Engineer

The talk’s team that is already in Turkey for meetings with their Somalia counterparts is led by the Minister of Commerce and international Investment Dr Mohamed Abdilahi Omar who despite change from the foreign ministry still retains his position as chief negotiator with Somalia.

Others include Presidency minister Mr Hirsi Ali Haji Hasan, Minister of Labour and social services Mahmud Garad and Members of parliament Bashe Mohamed Farah, Saeed Jama Elmi and Hildiban Hussein as well as journalist Munir A Digale and Cameraman Mohamed Akhli

Attributing his exclusion to machinations by the presidency minister Hirsi Haji Ali Hasan, the UCID party boss said that the aHirsi says Warabe's position undiscernibleccusations of his allegiance must be proved.

The allusion to machinations by Eng. Warabe emanate from a statement in which the presidency minister in reactions to continued public accusations (by Warabe) said that the UCID party leader was excluded from the Somalia negotiation team by president Silanyo most probably because his allegiance to the country was in doubt.

“While only the president is privy to why he exempted Eng. Warabe from the talks team I bear witness that during the three phases of negotiations he, Eng. Feisal Ali, was the main stumbling block to our national agenda due to his never ending objections to us while supporting the Somalia stand” said Hirsi Ali

Revealing that it had become difficult to discern whether Eng. Warabe was a negotiator from Somalia or somaliland the presidency minister said that the chameleon stance of Eng. Warabe during talks with Somalia are similar to those at his party that has made UCID a one man political organization.

The UCID party leader who in turn wants prove of his lack of allegiance accused the presidency minister of being a young man satiated with enormous powers that he cannot handle in addition to failure of understanding negotiations tactics.

While all is said and done it is remembered by all that Eng. Feisal Ali Warabe met and held private discussions with the Somalia President Hasan Sh Mahmud and Foreign minister Fozia Yusuf in London recently.

The London meeting and the current utterances in support of Somalia are contrary to the constitution of Somaliland thus an act of treason.