Somaliland: UCID in Triumphant Toghdeer Sojourn


By: Guleid A Maher

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – Delegation led by opposition party for justice and development (UCID) presidential aspirant Mr. Jamal Ali Hussein accompanied by his running mate Mr. Abdirashid Hassan Mataan and other senior party officials reached Burao the regional capital of Toghdeer amid attempts by administration officials to bar them.

The Toghdeer regional administration had blocked their way in Sheikh Township. They told the opposition delegation that they were not allowed to access the town for unknown reasons which they did not reveal. When the delegation arrived in outskirts of Burao town they saw contingents of anti-riot police officers who were stationed near hotel Egal which is situated on edges of Burao town. However the die-hard UCID supporters were not cowed and used force to pass road blocks erected by the police.

This was confirmed by a local journalist reporting for a local website Ramaasnews in Burao town. Most of the opposition supporters consisted of youths and they welcomed their part leaders with jubilation and joy. They escorted the UCID presidential candidate convoy into Burao town without incident.

The Toghdeer regional boss Mr. Mohamed Musa Diriye had ordered the police not to use force to disperse the opposition supporters so as to avoid chaos in the town. The delegation then went to the offices of UCID party in central Burao where they addressed their supporters and told them not to disturb the peace of town.