Somaliland: UCID and Wadani Accuse President and Kulmiye of Attempts to Derail Democracy

Somaliland: UCID and Wadani Accuse President and Kulmiye of Attempts to Derail Democracy

Somalilandsun: The very statehood of Somaliland is based on the principle that citizens have the ultimate say in it’s being.
This was stated by the two opposition parties of UCID and Wadani following a meeting in Hargeisa where they also appealed to the international community for intervention in what they termed as activities geared towards derailing or facilitate an unfair election in May this year by president Musa Bihi and Kulmiye party.
The two parties said the government is directing some state security agencies to act partially against their candidates
“In the past a number of our party’a candidates in the parliamentary and local Councils elections have been detained for no reason at all” said the statement released in Hargeisa
Adding that this is an extension to the documented both in photos and videos of security personnel forceful collection of voter cards from numerous citizens nationwide.
While the said proof of forced voter card relinquishing was not availed the arrest of bonafide candidates sponsored by the two parties is well documented. HERE
NEC is on record warning the state against such acts which it termed as illegal because the constitution avails Immunity to the candidates.HERE
But the police have remained adamant about the arrests in which they produced proof criminality of those already in custody and other two, both women on the run. HERE
The statement signed by UCID chairman Eng Feisal Ali Warabe and his Wadani counterpart MP Abdiqadir Ismail Jirde accuses the police commissioner Brigadier Dabagale of commanding the force dictatorially
Apart from the misuse of the police force to muzzle opposition politicians the two parties further accuse the government of infringing upon the impartiality of the Natonal elections commission-NEC
“we are aware that NEC is under immense pressure to act in ways detrimental to a fair democratic process during the May 2021 polls” and this is unconstitutional “ UCID and Wadani argue adding that
The electoral body should respect and act in accordance with the election code of conduct it signed with the three national parties
Stating that they are ready to only accept results of a free and fair election come May 31st 2021,the two parties went on to urge the international community with a stake in the Somaliland democratization process for expedited intervention before things turn for the worse.
“It is only citizens who have the right to decide who and which party rules the country thus any further attempts by the government to act otherwise shall not bear well for the country” warned the Somaliland opposition parties
Below the full statement issued jointly by UCID and Wadani parties

UCID and Wadani Parties joint statement