Somaliland: U.S Citizen’s Conspiracy puts Frankincense in Peril


Tears of the Somaliland Frankincense

Somalilandsun- Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at St. Michael’s College, Vermont. Her focus is on environment, International development consultant, professor with 25 years of field experience CURRENT CONSULTANCY Conserve the Cal-Madow: Frankincense Systems Analysis, Somaliland Project Director.
As far as we know, we live in time of terrorism and security uncertainty, living us with more questions and Answers. I hope to address Somaliland terrorism threats against U.S citizens that still remain unanswered. We can`t survive without transparency and accountability, without truth there can’t be trust, I assure honest and openness all matters. Regards, how truth is flexible on me worthy written.

Dr. Anjannete Decarlo was threatened on late 2016 through the SKYPE that will be brutally murdered if she will Came back to Somaliland and continue interfere and disrupt their frankincense trade, and should leave the Somaliland environmental impact alone. She reported the terrorist. Though U.S intelligence hasn’t field office in Somaliland, but they have intelligence information sharing with MI6 field office in Somaliland. Mi6 conduct proper investigation, after intelligence gathering data and voice analysis the perpetrator were capture and put into custody, a list of these offenses with captions is appended. Proper investigation consideration was the weight of the evidence against the person and the history and characteristics of the criminal also revealed the criminal was fugitive from the UK. Who committed several offenses in the Uk including, Drug dealer, robbery, rape. Therefore, Once criminal is always criminal.

Dr. Anjanette Decarlo with Frankincense tappers in Erigavo Sanaag region of SomalilandHe exercises his leverages, bribes Somaliland corrupted officials, then get bail; and among others. However, the criminal was released because he was above the law, and the case was closed. The Somaliland cancels any visa entry to the victim Dr. Anjanette, but later the criminal forced her if she collaborated with him he will let her get visa entry.

The MI6 Somaliland field office has a failed grade f. And were reluctant to such terrorist activities and conspiracy to Dr. Anjanette Decarlo, that were previously informed, though they were captured, then they released because he was Somaliland UK Citizen, committed serious crimes from Uk.
On January, 2017. Dr Anjanette Decarlo returned to Somaliland entourage with CNN, Aljazeera, and U.S Pharmaceuticals and others unidentified top delegates, while she was in Cal-madaw Mountain. She was sexual abused by the perpetrator and has been reported morning sickness from her. After more 10 days in rural mountains.
Dr. Anjanette Decarlo with Delegate was gun fired by organized armed militia and RRU security cross fired a while.but no further investigations were made so far. Who did it? Why he did it? And who is behind?
Intermediary is subordinate or an undercover. On the hand, whether the intermediary is dupe or facilitating by government officials applies even if he aware of the nature of his conduct and consequence, when the intermediary committed the underlying offense. Indication of its purpose when it changed causes to wilfully causes.
Asli Maydi conspiracy or Frankincense trading An individual wilfully causes an offense when he intends the commission of conduct that constitutes a crime and then intentionally uses someone else to commit it. That the underlying conduct is in fact a crime and Barkhad Jibril Hassan , The owner of the Asli-MaydiCompany, bear responsibility a dual form of intentional conspiracy to Dr. Anjanette Decarloand other U.S Citizens and should held accountable for his wilful acts..

We also confirmed, Al-Shabaab GalGala base, received 6 million dollar from their harvesting Frankincense for the last two years. After three Somaliland Frankincense companies aiding and abetting and trading with terrorist and facilitating financial. Without reasonable doubt 50 percent of the frankincense exported in Somaliland are from Galgala Al-Shabab harvesting, and is largest financial sources and we did express our concerns and recommends an international investigation needed to full discover the trade linage between al-shabaab and Somaliland frankincense exporters. Those are the main reasons caused to intimidate, threatened, harassed, conspiracy to, and illegally deported to Dr. Anjanette Decarlo from Somaliland, because her comprehensive research of evidences gathering and information sharing leaves no stone unturned.
Also Erigavo and Cal-Madow chief elder. Eng Soran Ali warsame, and Member of Afro-American Volunteers, and Somaliland U.S Citizen were condemned Somaliland Frankincense Exporters including, Ismael Imports, Asli Maydi Company, Som Gum Company.

Investigative Journalist Ahmed Ali AbdiTheir evil acts by masterminded terrorism activity against Dr. Anjanette Decarlo. Such as, Conspiracyto, intimidation, insult, threats, also were financing illegal community rallies, community misinformation and dissemination. As well as, defame Erigavo security. While Somaliland government turned a blind eyes. And appeal U.S state department to conduct full investigation, and take their responsibilities very seriously.

By: Investigative Journalist
Ahmed Ali Abdi

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