Somaliland: Two Local Tourists Drown in the Coastal Town of Berbera

The Berbera beach is popular with both locals and foreigners


Somalilandsun: News reaching us from Berbera confirms two people lost their lives following a drowning incident.  The duo whose names were given as masters Samir Ali Abdi and Mohammed Abdirahman Hashi.

According to the head of police operations for Sahil region Mr.Amin Mohammed Abdi the deceased had arrived for a swimming rendezvous. He went on to reveal that the Rea Sea is very popular with local tourists who travel from Hargeisa, Burao and other towns in the country who are unaware of the dangers of the sea.

The police boss said that dead youths arrived in town with a Toyota Noah vehicle. “The three young men originated from Hargeisa one of them survived. We have also identified their next of kin and sent them the sad news.”

The bodies were taken to Berbera District Hospital mortuary for preservation. The police operations chief offered condolences to the bereaved families. He warned local tourists to take precautions while swimming in the Rea Sea waters.

By Guled Abdi Mahir