Turkey hosts talks between Somaliland and Somalia

Somaliland sun- The Ambassador of Turkey to Somalia Olgan Bekar is completely uninformed on issues within his diplomatic preview
Recent utterances by the Amb Bekar that the The Turkish mediator role in the talks between Somalia and Somaliland has one and only one objective, which is the reunion of the two countries is nothing but hogwash.
If Amb Olgan Bekar was really on top of his mandate then Ankara should have been clearly appraised with the fact that The Turkish pursuit to recreate the defunct greater Somalia republic that collapsed in 1991 is equitable to collecting sugar from the sea or better still still waiting for a ship in the middle of a desert.
Despite having always been aware that Turkey was against their sovereignty, Somalilanders were aghast at the official confirmation by the Ambassador.
For the Turks maybe the new slogan in Somaliland should be a lesson, being,
Q-Whoever saw or heard of a person or country not only hosting negotiations but with a mediator role being devoid of impartiality?
A- This has only been seen and heard from Turks and their government
While citizens of Somaliland aspire to maintaining respect for their Turkish counterparts the partisan position taken by their government as pertains to talks it hosts in Ankara between Somaliland and Somalia is a sad fact that will surely result in a deep rethink locally.
Somaliland and Somalia are separatel countries And while the entire nation is holding its breathe awaiting reaction by president Silanyo and his administration may those in Ankara be informed that from the Somalilanders point of view theTurks partisanship and quest for a defunct Somalia republic though very painful to the heart having been inflicted by one thought a friend but actually an enemy is nothing more than what it is HOGWASH.
An original editorial of the Hornnewspaper