Somaliland: Turkish Military Office in Destabilization Clandestine visit to Buhoodle

Buhoodle Somaliland
  Somalilandsun-  According to reliable source on July 18, 2017 disguised  Turkey military agents as a relief agent arrived in Buhodle Somaliland accompanied by  renegade group who went to Moqdisho after Khatumo group/Dhulbahante clan of Somaliland led by Ali Khalif reach an agreement with Somaliland Government. The group was received by a crowd waving Somalia and Turkey flags to show the disguise group that they support Somalia and against Somaliland. 
       The source indicated that Turkey diplomats and security agents in Moqdisho gave the renegade group undisclosed amount of money to finance the clan militia in Buhodle supported by current Farmajo Government of Somalia to wage war against Somaliland. The disguised Turkey group led by the renegades refused to meet with  Ali Khalif who was staying in a hotel in Buhodle and requested to meet with the Turkish group.         
    Turkey’s involvement in Somalia began, In 2011 when the  devastating severe drought hit Somalia and the  entire Eat Africa region which led to crop failure and widespread loss of livestock. Turkey provided the largest humanitarian aid to the Somalia people affected by drought  providing food, medicine and have worked to establish infrastructural facilities and educational programs since then. However Turkey has not provided any assistance to Somaliland, excepts one time food shipment.
       Somalia a member of Arab league didn’t get enough assistance from the Arab countries in the 2011 severe drought since the Arab Spring was taking place and most of the Arab countries were preoccupied in that event, which helped Turkey easly grab Somalia from the Arab League.            
     Turkey’s presence in Somalia is not limited to humanitarian assistance, but to gain foothold for geo-political and economical advantage over other regional powers such as China, USA, France, Russia and new block, Gulf states like Saudi Arabia and UAE interested to gain access and trade in Africa  after oil revenue declined and stop Iran’s  expansion in the region and its involvement in Yamen. . 
      After Somaliland and Somalia talks began in London 2012 and reached an agreement to continue the dialogue about their future relationship. Turkey which was hopeful that  parties would  come closer for future unification,  didn’t like the outcome and volunteered to hold the talks in Ankara after meeting Somalia’s delegation behind closed doors. Turkey’s interest for Somaliland to be part of Somalia is to get hold of Somaliland’s  Barbera Port located in very strategic location, in  Gulf of Aden and near Bab el Mandeb, way more strategic than Moqdisho port. Ankara talks between Somaliland and Somalia was  held on  April 13,  2013 after Somaliland president Ahmed Siilanyo and former Somalia president Hassan sheikh met,  which didn’t produce any concrete outcome except continuation of the dialogue.
       Turkey an ally of Somalia would not have been an honest broker because of its highly involvement of Somalia politics and economical. Turkey built its biggest embassy in Mogdisho and is  about to have an opening ceremony  for its military base in Jazira, Mogadisho, first in the African peninsula and has major influence in Somalia’s foreign policy decision making, which is the main reason why Somalia become neutral in the conflict between Gulf state, Qatar/Turkey ally and Saudi Allies/ Turkey rival.  
        An other reason why Turkey is trying to destabilize Somaliland is  she doesn’t like the presence of UAE , Saudi Arabia ally in Barbera and its future military base in Barbera,Somaliland, which is the main reason why she is using and financing the renegade group and Dhulbahante clan militia to wage a proxy war for Farmajo against Somaliland.  
        Somaliland and UAE owned DP World of Barbera  agreement will benefit Somaliland and UAE to have access and trade with the 100 million Ethiopians, after the Ethiopian government reached  an agreement with Somaliland Government to utilize Barbera Port for its import/export needs, which will limit Turkey and Somalia economy and their accesses to the Ethiopian masses and trade since the new Somalia, Farmajo Government questioned the Ethiopian involvement in AMISOM stabilize Somalia after so many Ethiopia soldiers have  died in Somalia combating Al-shabab Terrorist Group.
         The Geo-political war taking place in the Horn  between Saudi and its Allies, Turkey, China and even USA may hasten Somaliland’s  recognition which she  already fulfils all relevant factors of  nationhood, a country that existed and became independent before Somalia was even born, and finally withdrew from a failed union with Somalia.  
Mohamud Aden Samatar
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