Somaliland: Turkey should be Cautious On our Sovereignty -Waran’ade


Ambassadors Bekar and Waranade

Somalilandsun – As long as Turks are mediating talks between Somaliland and Somalia nothing tangible shall be achieved.
This was stated by the Somaliland envoy designate to Ethiopia Mohamed Ali Waran’ade during a briefing to Geeska Afrika in Hargeisa where he also revisited recent public pronouncements by the Turkish mission in Somalia.
Queried on the publicly confirmation by Turkish Envoy to Somalia Ambassador Olgan Bekar that Authorities in Ankara have one objective from the talks it host between Somalia and Somaliland, the return to greater Somalia status that ended in 1991, Waran’ade said
“Even before this statement made to VOA the government of president Silanyo has been rethinking the Turkish mediator role in the internationally sanctioned talks between the two formerly united countries”
Adding that he is personally not in friendly terms with the authorites in Ankara the former Somaliland interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran’ade urged the Turks who are properly versed on the real status on the ground to exercise caution.
“Turkey is well aware of who Somalilanders are and what Somaliland has achieved even in international isolation, more so as pertains to its sovereignty, a discernibly no go area whatsoever, a fact which those in Ankara are clearly aware of”
In conclusion Mohamed Ali Waran’ade the Somaliland diplomatic envoy to Ethiopia urged Turkey as well as the rest of the international community to cease from the untenable notion that Somaliland is a region of Somalia, which is an exercise in futility and do the needful and recognize it as what it actually has been, is and shall ever be, an independent and self governing country in the Horn of Africa established by the British in 1886.