Somaliland: Trucks with Bumpers Banned From the Berbera Hargeisa Highway


Somaliland Interior minister M Waranade says the ban on Bumpers along Berbera Hargeisa highway is effective immidiately

By: Latifa Yusuf Masai

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Traffic police manning the Berbera Hargeisa Highway are cracking down on Trucks with bumpers.

The crack-down follows an order banning Trucks with Bumpers from plying the road linking the Somaliland capital to the main port city of Berbera issued by interior minister Mohamed Ali Waran”ade during burial of three people killed in an accident.

While numerous fatal accidents are a regular occurrence at the highway that had claimed hundreds of lives the state took action following the death of Veteran Horn Cable TV cameraman Mohamed Daud Yusuf, Finance Ministry security staff Muse Ali Duale and the Director of planning Department at the Ministry of Finance Wali Daud Egal through a tragic encounter with a an over speeding water tanker that crushed their car to debris on 28th June 2015.

While negating the oft claimed condition of the road as reasons behind the many life taking accidents within the Hargeisa –Berbera Highway Minister Waran”ade revealed that police investigations indicate that most road accidents are caused by Trucks with Bumpers thus the ban order.

With most trucks in the country having enormous sized bumpers installed as protection The ban order taking effect immediately has resulted in owners removing them without any qualms as opposed to other orders that are vehemently contested.

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