Somaliland: Tropical Cyclone Destroys Homes in Berbera


Flooded Berbera streets-pic by Somalilandsun

By: Faiza Osman

BERBERA {Somalilandsun] – The ongoing heavy rains that have been pounding the country incessant for the last three days have left hundreds of people homeless in Berbera

The Regional Governor of Sahil Mr. Ali Mohamed Elmi has explained about the damages caused by the heavy rains that have pounded the region for the last two days

In a press conference the Regional Governor flanked by the Mayor of the town talked about the damages caused by the heavy rains also informed the administration is doing all it can to help though support from all quarters is enquired

Said he “over 500 houses have been destroyed by the heavy rains so a lot of residence are homeless. Adding that most of the streets in the port city have been flooded the Governor thanked the residence for having joined hands to make way for the water to pass.

For the last 3days Somaliland has experienced unprecedented heavy rains that according to the Minister of Interior Mohamed Ali Waran’ade have resulted in a lot of damages to property and the death of the two people nation wide