Somaliland: Tree Planting Campaign Undertaken Nationwide


Somalilandsun- The head of state H.E Musa Bihi Abdi was the guest of honor in a trees
planting drive christened “plant a tree in paradise” to mark the trees planting day of  Somaliland which the president earmarked 15th of April annually.

In a well attended event organized by the ministry of rural and environmental development in Hargeisa the event was themed “Plant a Tree in Paradise and reported by        Somaliland News Agenc (SOLNA).”

The head of state was setting an example to members of the public on importance of trees planting that is why he recently issued a decree to set the record straight to mark 15th April as Somaliland Day for TreesPlanting.

First to speak during the ceremony was the director general Ministry of Rural and Environmental Development Mr.Abdirisaq Jama Noor (Nakhuude) who thanked the president for appointing a date for trees planting. He praised the head of state for initiating development projects that matter most to the people.

The minister of Rural and Environmental Development Mrs.Shukri Ismae Bandare confirmed that her ministry is working to improve the protection of the environment by fighting tree s cutting and charcoal burning which is degrading the rural and urban landscape.

She also highlighted the campaign to save wildlife from poachers, game meat traders and smugglers of wild animals out of the country.

Mrs. Bandare revealed that the biggest obstacle to reach sustainable environmental development is the slow pace Somaliland people are taking to embrace renewable energy.

The minister went on to say that her ministry is working on ways to promote solar energy nationwide; she added that another problem that cannot be overlooked is land grabbing which is affecting the country because no land is available for forestation of the environment.

The president thanked the ministry of rural and environmental development for their insight in countering environmental degradation in the country. He was also pleased to hear about the ministry fight against wildlife poachers and smugglers of game out of the country.

The head of state commended the ministry for their effort to protect trees cover in the country and minimizing consumption of charcoal by households finding an alternative source of energy is worth mentioning.

“I’m very pleased to see that the ministry of environment is at the fore front of fighting drought by protecting trees which are very important to the environment. I also thank them for making sure wildlife is protected from poachers and smugglers. This could not be possible without the ministry leaders and employees joining hands.” President
Musa said.

The president stated the importances of trees in sustaining human life herein are his words “Today is a very important day for the people of Somaliland I’m encouraging every citizens nomads and town folks to plant trees in their homes and wherever they may reside this will
improve the forest cover and fight soil erosion and soil degradation in the country. As experts have said where there is trees cover there is no drought and other environmental hazards.”

President Musa urged all businesses in the country to plant tree in front of their businesses. He added that lack of tree cover in most of Somaliland cities and towns have made them dusty whenever vehicles ply their roads.

Last but not least the president sent a strong warning to those engaging in cutting of trees that the law will take its course should they try to destroy the environment.

The president also urged citizens particularly the nomads not to fence huge chunks of land for no reason this he said impedes livestock and people from accessing water and pasture.