Somaliland: Traditional Leaders from Sanaag Region in Hargeisa to Parley Government


Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire (R) and some of his delegation in Hargeisa where he said they were Overwhelmed by Warm welcome of Somalilanders

By: Yusuf M Hassan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “Your reception which is a measure of our brotherhood overwhelms me and my companions”

This was stated by senior most Warsengeli clan traditional leader Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire during a welcome reception for his delegation of elders from Sanaang region by senior government officials, Somaliland traditional leaders and ordinary citizens 25kms outside Hargeisa.

Upon thanking his broad reception committee the Sultan said that his delegation of elders representing communities in the east of Sanaag is in the capital to hold discussions with various leadership in the country.

“For now suffice is to say that we are very pleased to be finally in Hargeisa and further details shall be proffered later” said sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire upon prodding by journalists on the purpose of his mission.

Apart from a large retinue of traditional leaders from various Somaliland clans and hundreds of ordinary citizens the Sanaag delegation was received by a high level government team composed of Health minister Dir. Suleiman Isse Haglatosie as well as his aviation and defense colleagues Mahmud Abdi Hashi and Ahmed Haji Adami respectively.

Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire inset reception committee on the outskirts of Hargeisa composed of ministers and Somaliland traditional leadersAccording to speakers representing the welcoming team of ministers and traditional leaders the presence of Sultan Saeed Sultan Abdisalam Garad Ali Shire in Hargeisa is a momentous occasion of historic magnitude for Somaliland.

Watch the reception as captured by star TV

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