Somaliland: Traders Allege Tycoon Grabbed Market Land


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) Small traders at Pepsi market In Hargeisa have asked the government to intervene in land grabbing case. The traders who have been doing business on the market land for 22 years have blamed a group led by a businessman colluding with some government officials to grab the land where the market of Pepsi in Hargeisa is situated.

“We have been receiving continuous notices to vacate our stalls in the market” said traders who face imminent destitution if the evictions from their market are successful.

They asked Somaliland house of elders ‘Guurti’ and parliament to stop these greedy people from evicting them. The market is situated in Pepsi area and most of the traders there are poor residents who have no other source of income. Somaliland has experienced an increase in land grabbing cases recently.

A simiar fate to that of Pepsi had caught with small scale traders at the sprawling Gobanimo market opposite radio Hargeisa only to be saved by President Sianyo after the municipality was accused of having sold the sprawing Hisbiga building to a local city tycoon.