SOMALILAND: Top Diplomat Eyes Wadani Vice Presidential Seat


By GA Maher

HARGEISA: -(Somalilandsun):A former envoy to several European

countries during the heydays of former dictatorial regime of Mohammed

Siad Barre is seeking to become the vice presidential candidate for

opposition party Wadani.

The former ambassador Mohammed Ali Abdi in

the maiden National Party conference held in Birmingham in the UK

which was attended by senior party officials and members of parliament

such as Hon. Abdirahman Mohammed Jama (Hoog) and Mr. Mohammed Suleiman

Weine who is a former Industry minister.

The conference which was well attended by a huge audience had the

former ambassador as its main speaker. He announced his aspirations of

fighting it out for the post in 2015. He said that if his party is

elected it would prioritize the independence of Somaliland.

The former envoy is a holder of a doctorate degree in international relations.