Somaliland: Top Clerics on Campaign to Re-instill Islamic Values


By: G.A Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – An Islamic education programme initiated by top Hargeisa clerics to highlight and sensitize members of the public on how the Islamic religion can help to overcome many hurdles and societal ills afflicting the nation at the moment is underway.

The meeting which will take place at the famous Ali Mataan mosque situated in central Hargeisa is scheduled for 11 nights in which prominent clerics are going to talk about the unbecoming behavior of late taking root in Somaliland and the role Islam plays at rectifying all misdeeds committed by society.

During the duration of conference the clerics expect to teach the public in speeches by many Islamic scholars and intellectuals on good morals and upright character. Also in their agenda are the negative influence of the notorious stimulate Khat, bad culture of clannish and rife ignorance on relations matter amongst the population, In addition will be matters concerning the media and how some individuals manipulate the press to reach their self-interest instead of working for the general well-being of the community.

Other important issues to be discussed are the negative effects of illegal migration and the bad culture of insulting the Islamic region plus truancy by the youths and the role parents and the community play to correct these young nincompoops who have no respect for elders.

The Islamic clerics who will participate in the religious teachings of our beloved prophet PBUH include Sheikh Mustafa Haji Ismail Haruun who is known in the country and abroad for his knowledge Islamic law, Sheikh Adan Haji Hiray (Adan ziro), Sheikh Ismail Abdi Hurre (Ismail dheeg) the Iman of Alnuur mosque in Hero Awr area of Hargeisa, Dr Mohammed Abdi Daud, Sheikh Abdirahman Ahmed and Sheikh Hassan Abdisalaan.