Somaliland: Toghdeer Region Responds Positively to Pontius Marine Shares Issue


By: Yusuf M HasanMr Abokor presents Pontus marine to Toghdeer residents in Burao

BURAO (Somalilandsun) – The public issue of Pontus marine company shares worth $5m expects to garner over $600,000 in Toghdeer region following the launch of the first ever issue of such shares in the country in Burao town.

At a function organized by the Guul Group consultancy company 79 resident5s of the sprawling region in the east and home to the biggest livestock market in Somaliland registered for purchase of a diversified number of the Pontus marine ltd shares each worth $500.

The prospective shareholders of Pontus marine an international company owned by somalilanders mostly in the Diaspora is to be partners in a fisheries sector development that will see the country attempt for the first to have its marine resources fully benefitting residents.

During a presentation at the Burao function held at the cities Barwago hotel –Omaar building a company director Mr. Ahmed Abokor who made a presentation on the fisheries program of his company and later fielded questions to the assembled prospective investors informed that the main objective is not only to develop the sector which is currently of benefit to foreigners both legal and illegal but to have active participation of citizens as well.

The Managing director who gave various aspects of the fisheries sector development plan of the company further urged citizens to take part in the innovative fisheries strategies designed by Pontus marine by acquiring shares in the company thence became part of an innovative plan.

According to Mr. Abokor hundreds of somalilanders in the Diaspora have already acquired Pontus marine ltd fisheries development shares thence the opportunity for local based ones to do likewise through the $5m worth of shares on offer.

A section of participants at the Burao Share issue “The company is focusing on supplying fully processed quality fishery to both domestic and overseas markets through the acquisition of state of the art technology and the establishment of canning factories in a number of port cities” said Mr. Abokor

In conclusion of his presentation the Pontus marine director further revealed that “Not only shall the successful implementation of this program greatly facilitate locals benefit from their marine resources but create over 400 new jobs in the fishery and other related sectors like services, transport and hospitality etc”

Having successfully completed its first foray of organizing and conducting the Pontus marine shares issue in Burao Guul Group is in Sahil Region where residents of the country’s major fishing industry shall be availed a similar opportunity at the Barwago hotel in Berbera town on 27th August 2013 at 6pm followed by Marodhi-jeeh region a few days later.

Be there to be part of this great innovative project designed to stimulate the country’s fishing industry thus provide sustainable livelihoods, employment opportunities and economic development.

For details on how to participate in this venture for citizens outside the country or in other parts of the country kindly Contact the Guul Group Managing Director Mr. Guleid Telephone 00252 24735293 and email

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