Somaliland: Toghdeer Bans Swords in Towns within the Region


Ban geared towards assuring safety of residents in Burao town and Toghdeer region at large, say police

By: Yusuf M Hasan
BURAO (Somalilandsun) – It is against the law to carry offensive knives within the confines of any town in Somaliland.

This was the attribute to a stern warning against bearing daggers’ in any trading centre within Toghdeer region by police commander Major Abdi Muse Abdilahi
“Knives are weapons and we shall consider possession similarly with guns” said Major Abdilahi.
Major AbdilahiWhile informing that security in general was apt, within the region the police commander said knife related injuries remain the main law enforcement headache thence the ban and subsequent order to impose.
If so enforced Togdeer region and its capital Burao more particularly where the bearing and use, sometimes fatal, of stiletto type knives by residents is the norm, then it will not only decrease fatalities but become the first to do so in Somaliland in past 22 years.