Somaliland: Togde’er Region ID Card Registration Workers Appeal for Payment of Remunerations


Both elders and clerks working as ID Card registration personel on non payment strike/archives

Somalilandsun – I hereby passing straight complains to whom it may consignee. I am one of worker having contract temporary 3 months from feb 15/2015 to april 15 /2015. We were among finalist selected from exam held in burao university with a remark pass mark , we waited to be recruited for 9 months till mission day without even a compensation on top also we had three day continuously workshop without payment in burao municipal. I am hereby stands for my right as citizen in my motherland country Somaliland to show how workers suffer due ignorance of few people. We work hard morning and evening using our own transport ion, books, pen, phone vouchers prepaid willingly hearted and extra time too for registration process took place.

Agree contract was usd 400 dollar @ month TOTAL of 1200 usd. We received first payment end of feb /2015 sum amount of usd 200, our actual balance was 1000 usd. We face lots problems by waiting the final salary till 07/07/2015 unfortunately it become adventures by way us treated and handle by provincial commissioner in togdheer region, till we decided to give special visit at his home yard in working hours. I think there unsurely or less confidence with pc for many promises he given us when we waited for money. End of road begins for final payment as we

”Quoted and action taken from pc that the actual balance will be given in slshs total 5564000 according for his calculation side equal to usd 800 not Somaliland bank rate, furthermore usd 84 will be reduced from contract salary due payment of tax which is 6 % total amount usd 1200 not in our contract so far we have already pay per person usd 60 usd tax and no receipt indication (certified true copy) and that usd 200 balance salary should be waited for last payment un known period of time. Also we got loss in receiving the money from bank which was short, we were not able to count due bulkiness, over crowed and we were collecting cash 6 workers in one written cheque at row.

I wonder what kind of corruption, time wasting , and bleach (divulge) of contracts happening in our governance without full monitored, evaluated , budget , plan and proper administration skills offered by ministries mislead the citizens rights and transparencies of collected taxpayers money . Therefore we like our issued to be looked over again and again in positive side through government auditor so that youth not to force migrate to other countries due few people benefiting from every opportunity the grapes in piece of cake and discourage others. Also encouragement and support should needs young stars to finish their education and graduate carries to have futures, goals, ambition and success in homeland and government to create many job vacancies as possible. According to scandal agenda happened in togdheer region we like those involved wrong doing full exercises and processes of ID Registration of Nationality have not taken off properly , more expenses increase due to time wasting which government inquires to resign themselves or sued by law for benefits of somalilanders and to learn lesson out of it. Viva silanyo viva Somaliland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The writer who requested anonymity is referring to the Somaliland citizenship registration exercise launched by President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo in Hargeisa on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

Left and right iris images from one Somaliland trial voter registration record taken using biometric tools

Despite the exorbitant amounts expended by the central coffers on the much touted ID cards issuance that utilized biometric tools registering the IRIS of applicants thus deter double ID card take nationwide difficulties with personnel remuneration and equipment malfunction has turned the entire exercise into a white elephant –editor