Somaliland: Today in History -374 Days Ago


1200 graduated in BuraoHARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Hitherto illiterate 1200 adults of Burao in Toghdeer region graduated on the 10th January 2012 from Literacy and numeracy project implemented by NAGAAD umbrella and sponsored by International Solidarity foundation-Finland as then three national political parties of Kulmiye, UDUB and UCID went on a high speed self destruction mode. On a sadder note the country lost prominent politician Aden Mohamed Mire ‘Waqaf’ who was accorded a state burial in Hargeisa.

Somaliland: Literacy and numeracy graduation for 1200 youth and adults in Burao

Kulmiye, UDUB and UCID on self destruction mode

Condolences to family of Aden Mohamed Mire ‘Waqaf’