Poet GariyeDeeply shocked and extremely moved by the grave medical condition that Maxamed Xaashi Dhamac “Gaarriye” is currently passing through, we Somaliland Society Europe, West London Somaliland Community, RedseaOnline, and Kayd Arts and Culture wish to earnestly extend this invitation to all his friends and his fans to attend an event dedicated to celebrating his gigantic literary accomplishment, standing by his side in this moment of anguish, and making invocation to Allah for his speedy recovery. This event will take place on Sunday 2nd September 2012 at Oxford House in East London.

Last September, Gaarriye left his home country Somaliland and went to Norway to teach Somali language and literature as a visiting scholar. Sadly, he suddenly fell ill and was hospitalised in Oslo where he still remains under intensive medication.

The initiator of the famous Poetic Combat Chain better known as “DEELLEY” and author of “HAGARLAAWE”, Gaarriye’s eminence as an established poet is known among the Somali speaking nations and beyond. His contributions to our literature and culture as a poet, scholar, liberal thinker and social personality over the past three gruesome decades are well recognised. Equally appreciated in no smaller measure are his indefatigable advocacy of human rights, freedom of thought and expression, and his vehement hatred of all forms of human degradation so brilliantly articulated in his poetry. In this regard, his master pieces on ‘Nuclear Weapons’, ‘Nelson Mandela’, ‘Watergate’, ‘Zimbabwe’ readily spring to the mind.

In this event some of his close friends and admirers of his works academicians of reputable stature, who worked with Gaarriye such as W N Herbert, Mahamed Hassan ” Alto” , Sheikh Mahamoud Sheekh Dalmar, Jama Musse Jama, Rashid Sheikh Abdilahi, will address the meeting highlighting some of the captivating beauty of his fabulous art.

For more information, please call 07903712949 or 07870515334.

We hope to see you Sunday 2ndSeptember 2012, 6pm at Oxford House, Derbyshire street, E2 6HG, London