Somaliland: Timbaro Rejects Governorship Post


As Bashe is axed from the cabinet following dispute with presidency minister.
Ahmed Alin Timbaro,  I was not consulted

Somalilandsun – I was not consulted then will not assume duties as a regional governor.
This was stated by Ahmed Alin Timbaro, a few hours after he was appointed as the Maroodi-jeeh regional governor through a major administration reshuffle effected by president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo
On Saturday night.
In justification of his refusal to ascend to the governor’s mansion in Hargeisa Timbaro said that despite the honour bestowed on him to serve the public by the head of state, he was not consulted prior to appointment Mr Ahmed Alin Timbaro is a prominent city resident and a long term public servant having served as the deputy mayor of Hargeisa and Director General at the ministry of information.
While Timbaro rejected his governorship appointment due to “ non consultation” the new Tourism and Culture minister Kadhar Haji Yusuf Abdilahi is happy to serve in the administration of president Silanyo.
“I thank the president for honoring me with the appointment but unfortunately I am not ready to serve in the council of ministers” said the Tourism minister designate adding that though he takes duties at a newly created portfolio he will undertake his duties with diligence.
Said he “ I shall not be in office only to please my boss but serve the public as well”
Though in existence when Silanyo took office in 2010 the ministry of tourism and culture was scrapped off with the tourism portfolio placed as a department at the ministry of youth and culture while culture was placed in the same status at the ministry of information.
This reshuffle that comes three months to the expiry of president Silanyo’s mandate at the helm, the unprecedented rejections by appointees is worrisome, with rumours circulating that two other new appointees are either contemplating or have already decided not to assume office.
While we cannot independently confirm some media reports indicate that the newly appointed deputy minister Fisheries and coastal development Abdirahman Yusuf Ismail has also rejected his posting.

Dispute with presidency minister Mahmud A Hashi R sees the firing of 1 Bashe Ali Jama as Minister of Water DevelopmentIt is also ironic that the reshuffle in which a major realignment of the president Silanyo administration took place, it came amidst a dispute between presidency minister and his water development colleague.
Bashe Ali Jama was axed out of the cabinet and replaced by kinsman from the east of the country , Hussein Abdi Boos as Minister of Water development.
The sags of the duo said to have been simmering for long went to the dogs early Last week when Bashe fired his Director General whom he accused of non performance and lack of respect due to his relations to both the head of state and presidency minister.
“If Government is to be managed through nepotism then Somaliland has failed as a country” a fire breathing Bashe Ali then water minister told a presser in his Hargeisa offices.
Come Thursday and the dirty linen of the two ministers was put on display to the public when officers of the presidential guard manhandled the then water development chief while on his way to the weekly cabinet meeting chaired by president Silanyo on the last day of the week.
While Bashe was thrown out completely his planning colleague Ali Shombe exited the cabinet to rejoin the diplomatic corps as envoy to Ethiopia while the three months hiatus from politics of Mohamed Ali Waran’ade ended with his departure from the diplomatic corps to the presidency as Special advisor to the president.
Other notables to exit public service include the hardworking and fervent somaliland international recognition campaigners in Sweden and United Kingdom Ambassadors Rooda Jama Elmi and Adan Ali Awale respectively.