Somaliland: Tima-Ade Stadium Hosts Haji Gujis Ramadan Basketball Cup 2014 Competition


NAGAAD Basketball Team among top contenders for the 2014 Ramadan Trophy

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland capital, city lord Mayor Abdirahman Mohamoud Aydiid (Soltelco) accompanied by Director General of Ministry of Sports and youth Mohamed Ahmed Husein and Chairman of Basketball Federation Mohamoud Hassan Qodah have officially opened basketball tournament which was started in Tima-Ade on 18th July 2014 where 7 teams from the capital city have participated.

In the opening ceremony Lord Mayor Abdirahman Mohamoud Aydiid has expressed his concern in enhancing capital city’s sports in general. He likewise noted his council’s achievement in the sides of sports and youth and said, “I am very grateful to be here with the officials of ministries of sports, councilors, parliamentarians and basketball teams. We have done the repairing activities of several sports centers in the city including the rehabilitation of Hawadle football center while other centers are under construction. We are committed to keep up our efforts regarding sports enhancement.”
Director General of Ministry of Sports and youth Mohamed Hussein Ahmed has similarly spoke about the essence of the sports in the country and his ministry’s strategic plan on developing sports of the country. He likewise praised Hargeisa Mayor for his active role in the enhancement of the sports of the country.
MP Mohamoud Jama Warfa (Wadka) who was one of the veteran basketball players and took an active role in the preparations of this tournament has suggested both the director general and the mayor to step up in increasing the number of sports centers in the country and particularly in the capital city.

Mohamoud Hassan Abdilahi, chairman of Somaliland basketball Federation has told the aim of this tournament and explained the number of the teams participated and how things has been organized for the past few days. He thanked both the ministry of sports and the local government for their commitment in developing sports.
Councilor Ismail (Cage yare) who was also one of the organizers and the active members of Hargeisa council has briefly noted the history of Haji Gujis who was a composer, comedian and poet.

Group A                 Group B
             W.M.T                       BARE HOUSE FIRN
JIJIGA-YAR                   NAGAAD
SBI                       IFTIN

Article authored by the Somaliland Basketball Federation