Somaliland: TİKA Supports Higher Education in Buhoodle

The East Africa University in Buhoodle received donation of Turkish educational materials from TIKA

Somalilandsun:Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided educational materials to the East Africa University, which carries out its educational activities under difficult conditions in the city of Buuhoodle in Somalia.

400 students from low-income districts and villages in the region study at the Buuhoodle East Africa University, the only University in the city of Buuhoodle, located at the border of the federal regions of Somaliland and Puntland of Somalia with Ethiopia. Only theoretical education is provided to the students of faculties such as Information Technologies and Nursing due to the lack of educational materials in the university.

As part of the Educational Materials Project, TİKA provided 5 computers, 5 projectors, 2 printers, 1 photocopier, 1 camera, and 2 Male and Female Nursing Training Sets (Model) to the Buuhoodle East Africa University. Thanks to the modern educational equipment and materials provided by TİKA, students have the chance to receive not only theoretical education but also hands-on training.

TİKA Supports Higher Education in Buhoodle somaliland

Prominent figures in the region and locals were pleased with the Somalia-Buuhoodle East Africa University Educational Materials Project, the first project implemented by TİKA in the city of Buuhoodle.

Located 1,300 km from Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, the city of Buuhoodle was severely damaged during the civil war that began in Somalia in 1991, and the infrastructure of the city and all its institutions were destroyed completely. Internal conflicts still arise from time to time due to the disputes between tribes.

The East Africa University in Buhoodle received donation of Turkish educational materials from TIKA

The East Africa University was established with the contributions of locals in Buuhoodle, the hometown of Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hassan, one of the leaders of Somalia’s struggle for independence.