Somaliland: Thousands in Need of Food Aid’ Reports Aljazeera


By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland sun – “I have no choice but to sell my animals, the only other option was to farm, but I can’t even do that. I don’t have family in town, which can send me money?” Elmi Yusuf a resident of Somaliland who has been just returned to his home in Awdal region since January when he relocated to Ethiopia to escape severe drought told journalist Catherine Soi of Aljazeera and Dck Trenchard the Country head of FAO
Below is a transcription of the subsequent Aljazeera Documentary titled Somaliland Drought Tens of thousands in need of food aid
The dead animal scattered across region, tell over devastated livelihood, thousands of animals died in the drought, hundred are dying now, because of disease,
“Its what we are doing, working closely to the governments and to the ministry livestock and other partners too, to brought animal health program, an emergency one, “Said Mr. Trenchard, FAO Head
“A few days ago we brought 3million doses of vaccine, for sheep’s and goats, and its great devastated populations.”
Returned home to Somaliland after Drought induced exile to Ethiopia But the rain has also brought a new sense of hope, those who can are quickly plough their lands, those who can’t have been but two month renewable cash for work program, by the FAO. About six thousand people in Somaliland are in this scheme, to built traces to prevent soil to be swept away by rains.
“these are some of the poorest people in here, who lost all their livestock, or enough money to buy seeds to plant, so they work community projects, such as this one, at the end of the month they get about hundred and thirty dollar each ($130).
Its payday and here they receive their money vouchers, Sara jama said she will spend all on food, for her family of seven.
“The drought was very bad, we lost our animal, so we don’t have milk or meat and we haven’t harvested any sorghum.” Said Sara Jama.
The government said the drought has affected about seventy percent of its livestock export, Somaliland’s main source of revenue.
food cards distribution“The drought had huge impact on pastoralist’s community, and also on government. We have lost a lot of revenue on foreign exchange, inflations is also very high,” said Somaliland Vice-president Mr. Zaylici.
Back at the village, Elmi’s children has taken view remaining animals to grace, their plan is to bring back in health, sell some and eventually restock. Their hope is the rains will continue, they said, they can not survive another filthy season.
Enjoying the few scraps of fod available Watch
Somaliland drought thousands in need of food aid