Somaliland: The Wadani Party Leadership Structure is Unique- Says Irro

From top, Wadani party candidate for Somaliland President Abdirahman Irro, Hirsi Haji Ali party chief operations officer and Chairman MP Abdiqadir Jirde

Somalilandsun: Recent media reports  alluding to Hirsi Haji Ali being the second top leader of Somaliland opposition party Wadani has been revised.

A statement  by the presumptive party candidate for Somaliland President Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilahi ‘Irro’ in which he informed that his trusted lieutenant   Hirsi Haji  Ali was his deputy in the party heirachacy  had daunted both members and ordinary citizens since it put into question the structure of the opposition party as well as  top leadership.

In the now revised sentiments , Irro had said that Hirsi was number  two in leadership of the party thence putting to doubt the position of MP Abdiqadir Haji Ismail Jirde the long term serving interim chairman.

In his corection via an interview with HCTV in Sweden  which  is part of his European tour Irro stated that the interim chairman, MP  Jirde  still retains his office and authority as his, Irro’s, Immidate deputy while Hirsi acts as chief operating officer.

L-R Wadani party presumptive candidate for Somaliland President and Party chairman MP Abdiqadir Jirde are close political allies

Said he  “The structure of  Wadani party leadership is defined by its constitution, which stipulated that there are two or three positions that are different from the leaders of the other two parties, me as presidential candidate and candidate for  Vice President are automatically  Chairman and deputy”

Adding that the party  leadership is headed by the chairman Irro went on to inform that in the opposition Wadani  party, there is a position that does not belong to the other two parties, which is that of  interim chairman and that of Chief Operating officer.

Hirsi Haji Ali former powerful Somaliland presidency minister is mandated with day to day Wadani party operations

Apart from the above position of chairman, deputy who are candidates for the Somaliland presidency , the interim chairman and COO the constitution dictates openings for  five Vice-Chairmen of the party, ” said Irro

The ruling kulmiye party having Concluded it’s national conference and election of new leaders, Abdirahman Irro revealed that  “The Wadani party convention will take place within  six months, that is  in April 2021 with the party executive committee mandated with setting up exact dates.