Somaliland: The US, UN and EU Representatives for Somalia Should Keep-off Issues Somaliland


In Continuous meddling of Somaliland issies are US UN and EU area representatives Messrs James P. McAnulty Nicholas Kay and Michel Cervone dUrso

Somalilandsun – It is an utter nonsense for outside entities to call the withdrawal of Somaliland Forces from areas within Somaliland territory: it is a conspiracy diktat and it is unacceptable to Somaliland people and their government.

The United States Representative for Somalia James P. McAnulty, UN Special Representative for Somalia Nicholas Kay and European Union Ambassador for Somalia Michele Cervone d’Urso are all blinding themselves from the prevailing progress and the reality in Somaliland which has matured over the years as a stable and secure country despite it has remained unrecognised yet by the international Community as a separate entity from Somalia since 1991.

It is a serious and genuine believe held by many Somalilanders that the trio entities are wasting their time and resources to vindictively sabotage the stability of Somaliland by backing renegade individuals of Somaliland origin as of the likes of Prof Ali Khalif Galaydh as a strategy to hinder the visible progress in Somaliland that has outpaced the UN and IC lavishly assisted Somalia for the past two decades that has one way or the other disappointed now the donor community as well as the insatiable recipients in the South.

It is a fact that, since Mr Galaydh had lost his prime ministerial position in October 28, 2001 from Abdulqasim’s first de jure Government in Mogadishu, he assumed himself as the political leader or advocate of the people in his tribal regions (Sool region, Buhodle and Some parts in Sanaag region), without majority endorsement, for the absolute intention of resuscitating his fruitless and failed political wishes in Somalia which is now narrowed down to prowl at a small village (Sax-dheer) in Sool region that sited on the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia which from time to time he crosses over the border for his craven escapes from Somaliland Forces that maintain the security in the area. Currently as of writing this article Mr Galaydh and his camp shied away to Ethiopian border to entertain his fantasy state and inauguration ceremony and engaged some hit and run operation against the Somaliland forces who are mainly comprised regional army lead by officers who also hailed also from Sool region.

Mr Galaydh and his team also enjoy the protection of the Somali regional Administration in JigJiga (Ethiopia) when and as he needed them and in fact this is a breach of security agreement between Somaliland and the Federal Government of Ethiopia which in that context seems that such an agreement is unfairly burdens the Somaliland Government to abide and fulfil the terms agreed in Dire Dawa and Addis- Ababa by both sides to protect the stability of the two countries in general and in particular to curtail the infiltrations by the rebel groups and other terrorists along the border and to extradite identified perpetrators.

The persistent call by the US REP, UN SR and EU Ambassador for Somalia that the Somaliland government Forces not to perform their security tasks within Somaliland border undermines the sovereignty of our country and encourages the proliferation of insecurity inthe region. On the other hand sheltering of armed rebels such as Khatumo or giving escort to Pro. Ali K. Galaydh’s malicious mission by the Special Police of JigJiga administration weakens the security co-operation between Somaliland and the Federal Government of Ethiopia as well as the regional one and indeed such actions have no benefit to the wellbeing of the people in both countries and the neighbouring ones too but fosters conflict and instability in both countries.

It is to the utmost advantage of the region that the above mentioned US, UN and EU offices for Somalia to respect the territorial integrity of Somaliland and its internal affairs. Similarly the federal government of Ethiopia should also observe the security terms between the administrations in order to uphold the stability of both countries.

Finally the Somaliland government should exercise all the needed diplomacy that can be defused any hostility that is prevailing in Sool and Sanaag and Buhodle area in order not to give any further chance to anyone within or any outside political scavenger.

Mohamoud Arrale