Somaliland: The Un-acknowledged Role Model for Somalia


Somalilandsun – Somaliland is the oasis of peace and stability and that Somaliland should not never join the union with Somalia again and that Somaliland is independent and it has been on its own for 25 years and during that period Somaliland has been one of the safest countries in the world and stable regions of the horn of Africa and the Muslim world.

Hargeisa is a safe capital city where tourism is skyrocketing and many landers from the diaspora are moving back for hope of the quarter century old nation, business is taking off and education is improving and that goes for the health care as well. Roads are being developed and with modern brand new renovated airports in both Hargeisa and Berbera.
The renovated and successful Port Berbera east of Hargeisa and the second and industrial capital of Burao and the tourist hot spot capital Erigavo and the border towns of Wajalae and Boroma, the central part of Somaliland Las Anod. Somaliland is a success story unlike Somalia where it’s a failure and that country did not have an effective government in 25 years. With all of Somaliland’s success leads to the people who wanted to peace and stability and who said that we will be our country and we will never join with Somalia again and that we want and where the people of Mogadishu and Somalia hates peace and stability and that terrorizing people is a national sport for them and I don’t why these people enjoy violence and I don’t know why they are working with terrorists like alshabab who want destabilize every Somali speaking region and the horn of Africa and the world.
The only way Somaliland is so peaceful is because of the people who are loyal to the country and they were not dependent on the police or the army or the government whatsoever, they were dependent on themselves and unlike the people of Mogadishu the people of Hargeisa don’t harbor criminals and enjoy committing crimes. Mogadishu should see Hargeisa as a role model not a threat and we are peaceful people. Mogadishu please be like Hargeisa where you value peace and stability and for the people of Mogadishu when a crime happens please don’t watch the crime like tv and do something about and inform the police and military and that culprits will be brought to justice. People of Mogadishu be like the people of Hargeisa who are the eyes and ears of the national of the country and if nothing suspicious happens report it to the authorities and you if had the crime or criminal you will guilty as them.
Sheikh Haji Duale