Somaliland: “The UAE Military Base Approval Vote Came via a Hijacked Parliament” Speaker Irro


As the top Somaliland legislator and Opposition party Wadani presidential candidate accuses the government of highhandedness at parliament buildings in which 3 dissenting MPs were arrested and six others injured by police a day after, he, Irro made a passionate public plea for rejection of the UAE deal.

Members of the Somaliland House of Representatives at joint session

Somalilandsun – Though Somaliland is now host to an United Arab Emirates military base, circumstances related to the contract , parliamentary approval and subsequent implementation are not only shrouded in mystery but have bred the first ever attack of MPs while on session..
This was stated by speaker of the House of Representative, the Somaliland parliament’s lower chamber, immediately after a controversial vote in which the UAE was awarded a military base in Berbera where the tiny Emirati nation shall Station naval and air forces.
While acknowledging that a majority of members at the joint session of parliament that brought together elders of Guurti, the upper Upper, and his own house, Irro who is also presidential candidate for Opposition party Wadani said that the legality of the deal is suspect in lieu of the fact that all dissenting MPs were first manhandled before forcefully evicting from the house by the large contingent of police officers.
“I am informed that 3 MPs were arrested and now on police custody while six others are nursing injuries sustained courtesy of very aggressive security personnel placed inside the August house by the administration” said Irro adding that the unprecedented attack on legislators while on session targeted know opponents of the UAE military deal.
Somaliland speaker of parliament cum Wadani presidential candidate Abdirahman Irro says a the UAE military deal was approved by a coerced legislature During his brief presser, the Opposition party leader who decried the manner the administration of President Silanyo is acting with carte-blanche authority which is in fragrant disregard of other arms of government , went on to query the contract for the UAE base.
Said he,”Although a unanimous vote of approval was given the said contract between the UAE and Somaliland what was presented to Parliament was a three page Somali language document devoid of any signature from purported signatories”
The speaker cum Wadani party flag bearer in Somaliland presidential elections this October did not vote for he led a walkout of all dissenting MPs less those already forcefully evicted by police.
A day earlier the politician had issued a passionate plea to legislators urging them to vote not with either stomachs, read bribes, but with conscience a call defeated courtesy of the unanimous and without perusal vote.
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the Irro Message to Public on His UAE military base stance