Somaliland: The State Raises Alert over Covid-19 Infection Resurgence, Ministry of Health Urges Caution

Health minister Omar Ali Abdilahi says Somaliland is experiencing an increase in new Covid-19 cases

Somalilandsun: Citizens of Somaliland have been urged to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously by following all infection preventive guidelines issued by the ministry of health.

The urgings were made by the minster of health Omar Ali Abdilahi at his offices in Hargeisa from where he also revealed that new infection rates observed during the first and a half months of this year are an indication of the worsening situation.
According to the minster the first Forty five days of 2021 have ensued with 127 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the country which compared to the last quarter of last year is a 2.4% increase in the rate of infection.
In January there were 63 positive cases from 3950 tests while the first two weeks of February saw 64 cases confirmed from 2436 tests conducted nationwide, said the minster .
According to minster Omar Ali the growing number of infection cases in Somaliland is discernibly in tandem with global trends from which most countries are reporting large figures of new infections and more so in Africa , where the Continent has surpassed the one million mark
A few days ago the ministry of health led , national Corona virus’ prophylactic committee resumed. Public awareness messages after an almost six months hiatus.
The minister raised the Covid-19 resurge alert following the latest weekly staff meeting in Hargeisa where upon thanking the Somaliland health personnel for apt Service to the public went on to urge them to give Covid-19 preventive and treatment priority focus