Somaliland: The State-in-waiting that Hopes to Rival Djibouti as Regional Trade Hub


Somaliland hopes to rival neighboring Djibouti as a regional trade hub.

Somalilandsun- Though egos are down due to the international community’s Non recognition of Somaliland as a sovereign nation 26 years since it withdrew from union n with Somalia, ambitions for both the government in Hargeisa and Somalilanders remain high.
The unrecognized nation of Somaliland, internationally seen as a semi-autonomous region of Somalia, has secured its largest ever foreign investment deal, as a result of $422 contract awarded Emirati firm Dubai Ports World -DP to develop and manage the port of Berbera
The deal with DP World represents a major coup for Somaliland as it demonstrates the country’s clout on the world stage writes Chris Giles in a CNN piece titled “Somaliland secures record $442m foreign investment deal”