Somaliland: The Spectre of Elitism Nurtures its Ugly Head In the Country


As the have & havenots gap widens in Somaliland youths are forced to pursue coins in any manner as done here during an UCID party event in Hargeisa/Pic by Idiris Muhumed

Somalilandsun – Without a doubt Somaliland has made wondrous developments over the past two decades and more, in terms of stability, security, progressive economic and social development, and none more so than the last few years under the leadership of President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silanyo”, but, there is the ever increasing specter of elitism rearing its ugly head in Somaliland.

By elitism, I mean the gap between the haves and have nots. Recently, there has been a spate of ceremonies and photo opportunities highlighting the “elite” society in Hargeisa, and you wonder, what ever become of the ordinary Somalilanders?

Those ordinary Somalilanders trying to survive and thrive. Working hard everyday and eking out a living from the daily grind. Where are their photos? You won’t see them at Mansour, or Ambassador or at any fancy hotel. They are out their providing for their families and doing the best they can.

Let us avoid elitism. It is the scourge that brought down the faqash regime of the late dictator Said Barre and as history plainly records, every out of touch regime in the past.

We are moving forward, let us not ignore those ordinary Somalilanders, and let us not be the elite and the rest. We are all in this together and let us celebrate all.

By: Ahmed Kheyre