Somaliland: The Silanyo Administration On Its Last Legs.

The mandate of president Silanyo is expected to end in April 2017
By:Ahmed Kheyre
All the signs of an administration in decline is quite visible in President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” government. After six years of relative progress, development and stability, the administration is out of gas. The fault doesn’t lie with President Silaanyo, because he has already decided not to run for another term, but the fault lies with his potential successors, who neither posses the acumen nor the stature to fill his shoes.
When an administration becomes morally and politically corrupt, it begins to lash out. It lashes out against opponents, communities, supporters, journalists, former colleagues and finally against the state. It is called “political scorched earth policy”.
The stench of hubris surrounding the currently ruling party, Kulmiye, is no longer bearable. It is now polluted with sycophants and lightweights. There is not a single credible person left in Kulmiye after President Silaanyo leaves the arena in 2017.
Rather than running on their considerable achievements in the last six years, the party and its leaders, and senior members of the administration have resorted to bribery, party interference and finally, inflaming the communities.
Instead of winning hearts and minds, it has resorted to division and hatred. Consider the recent events in the eastern regions of Somaliland.
Whilst one party went to offer moral and physical support to the drought stricken communities in Togdheer, Oodweyne, Sarar, Sool, Badhan and Sanaag, the ruling party went on a party political campaign!! with posters and everything. 
And to cap it all, in a recent meeting in Burco, the current Finance minister, delivered a hate speech to incite the communities in the city. Will she resign? Of course not. Will she be fired? Not a chance. It is a case of power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
There is the possibility that the elections will be held in March 2017, and they will be very close and full of allegations, but one thing is for sure. Somaliland needs new leadership and it also needs a new parliament.
President Silaanyo is not on the ticket, and his potential successors are not up to the job.
Allaa Mahad Leh