Somaliland: The Signs of a Dictator Are Found In UCID’s Faisal Ali Warabe


Eng Feisal Ali Warabe leader of Somaliland opposition party UCID

By Ahmed Kheyre

Somalilandsun – Whenever a dictator loses the plot, the following signs become evident, delusion, paranoia, lack of self-confidence and control. The soon to be ex-chair of UCID, Faisal Ali Warabe is displaying all these signs.

The man is twisting the wind, issuing orders that no one takes serious, going on television and radio to demonstrate his unsuitability for leadership, surrounding himself with acolytes who are paid for and are totally unsuitable and generally making a fool of himself.

Just the other day, he turned up at a celebration of the life of the late President, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal. Those who knew the man and worked with him, like Professor Gees & Mohamed Abdillahi Duale gave wonderful speeches. Those who were less familiar with the late president, like Jama Ali Hussein and others, paid tribute. And Faisal, well, we come praise President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silaanyo” !.

There is nothing wrong with praising the current president, but, this was an occasion to talk a about the late Egal. It was not appropriate, and he looked foolish. It is one thing to show your loyalty to another party whilst you are acting as a chair of another political party, but at least try to pick the right venue.

It is time to put Faisal Ali Warabe out of his misery. It is cruel to see the man struggle in the public. He does not have a shred of credibility left. He has lost whatever remaining vestiges of respect he had among the Somaliland public. Let us, convince him to stay away from the media, keep his counsel and retire to the Somaliland House Of Elders.

Somalilanders are very worried about Faisal and his current state. It would not surprise anyone, for Faisal to lose the plot even more when UCID jettisons him and he loses all the legal challenges. We don’t know what he will do!

It is time for an intervention from his friends, colleagues, relatives and the Somaliland public on his behalf. We have to save Faisal Ali Warabe from himself.

Allaa Mahad Leh