Somaliland: The Secret behind Self-dependency


By: Yusuf Yasin Abdirahman

Somalilandsun – Twenty four years later, when Somaliland declared its determination of separating from the rest of the Somali Republic, it is recently celebrating for its regaining independence from Somalia. Yet, despite decades of peace, independence, and social economic booming, the country has not, internationally, recognized. But with its people being significantly confidence and by being proud of their achievements, the good governance remains progressing. Economy, as an important factor for security in the region, is slightly developing and unlike many African countries, Somaliland introduced strong democratic system of governing. In return of such experience, what would Somaliland learn from the past independent years? I would say the privilege of independence in terms of self-dependent and democracy is, therefore, what defines Somaliland as a unique state in a flaming region.
Thousands of citizens dressed in the colors of the flag and shouting pro Somaliland slogans stormed the streets of main cities in the country.

With many smiling faces, the streets of Hargeisa became crowded of cheering citizens. It is a day in which the people of Somaliland prepared well on the days before to show how strongly determined the people of Somaliland are. The government exhibits military parade on this day. In addition, secondary and university students flowed through the main streets of main cities. In the main, eighteen May is a moral day for somalilanders to remember the many that died for the liberation of the country and more significantly, it is a day of showing the world the strength and the continuous development of the country.
Somaliland became an example of African states who are dealing with civil wars, corruption, and the deteriorating lack of good governance. It, alone, proved the possibility of empowering the community and making them understand the importance of peace. It is all about people’s decision if they are to develop their countries and Somaliland’s achievements is something to do with Somaliland people’s determination. Now by looking Somaliland, other Africans nations can then choose what is better for them by taking Somaliland as a worthy example of creating sustainable peace and democracy.
With its fast growing economy and good governance practices, Somalilanders are hopeful to be part of the recognized international community. For not being recognized state, the people are, in myriad ways, still depend on the south Somalia. Nonetheless, despite seeking recognition for so long, somalilanders are committed to continue struggling to seek recognition from the rest of the world.

Regardless of Somaliland gaining such significant achievement, it however receives little help from the international community. But the significance is that many somalilanders see that as an opportunity that trains their community to be self-sufficient and an opportunity, on another hand, that pushes the community to become proud of their little gains. As a fulfilled growing community, Somalilanders believe in they can accomplish their goals by themselves and that too much foreign help is a disturbance of the community’s potential of being innovators. In fact, outside help, in my personal view, will make somalilanders passively struggling society but not actively struggling community. Aid from outside world is what made many Africans as they are today; as communities who only wait help from international community and became satisfied with such limited opportunities. After all, Somaliland should not choose to be dependent on international aids but, instead, they should remain independent of their own as to train the society to become capable of dealing with challenges a lone and for being confidence of their own efforts.