Somaliland: The Remote Controlled Hawd Regional Administration


This Government of Somaliiland vehicle assigned to Hawd Regional Governor in Hargeisa for almost a month

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – This site believes that Hawd Region is being ADMINISTERED in absentia through a remote controlled device operated by the Governor.
This suspicion arises from the fact that the official transport of the president’s representative in Hawd region, Governor Ibrahim Haji Mahmud has for almost a month, todate, been parked at a compound belonging to a governmental institution in the Somaliland capital city Hargeisa.
While the vehicles’ current location is a popular parking spot for visiting regional government officials from all over Somaliland due to its proximity to the central business district, national government offices (Presidency, ministries and armed Services headquarters etc) the Hawd governor’s one has outstayed its welcome and purpose.
Now the pertinent and most burning question requiring respond from the Interior ministry/minister with responsibilities for regional administration is
• Are you aware of the current whereabouts of the presidents’ representative in Hawd region, if yes where and if not why? As well as
• When was the last time that the governor made an official report from the field to your office?

Can Interior ministry deny this vehicle1
If regular reports are submitted then the governor in question should be awarded for introducing remote controlled administration in Somaliland.
While in search of the whereabouts, kindly brief on who is managing regional affairs since the one President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo mandated with the task is either AWOL (Away without official leave ) or MIA-(Missing in Action)

To the peaceful and hardworking residents of Hawd region we say take heart while the powers that be, sort out the Governorless malady that has engulfed you.
After all is said and done one does not stop wondering if the MIA/AWOL administrator is planning to claim his April paycheck plus other benefits like fuel and vehicle maintenance fees, not to mention the paycheck and night-out allowances of his driver who initially slept in the car for a week before relocating, hopefully back to his family in Baligubadle, the Hawd regional capital.

The parking area utilized to secrete the Hawd Governors car is frequently used by Somaliland regional administrators visiting the capital Hargeiisa
For the sake of sanity and public service diligence, we just hope and pray that the governor will surface at the governors’ mansion in Baligubadle and justify discarding his official transport to mechanical problems in lieu of the fact that the vehicle is among the latest purchased by the government.
Despite the sanity wishes the failure of the governor to comment on the incident that led to hospitalization of the Mayor of Baligubadle following an attack while on official duties on Sunday is suspect thence ample proof that REMOTE Control style of public administration is ineffective and will forever remain so.
Finally the MIA governor should know that it is not only residents of Hawd who are suffering but employees of the institution where his automobile is parked for they find t difficulty answering calls of nature since the related facility is blockaded his brand new 4X4 , incongruously for almost a month.